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Tom Mangum says,

Ken and Janet Irwin say,

Jay and Stella Coffman say,

Dear Sirs,
I would like to take a moment to thank Josh Breeden and Capt. Chip Harmon for their help in making my boat purchase from Ron Hoover a great experience. My wife and I met Josh and Chip at the Houston Boat Show in June.  We had been in the market for a new boat and decided now was the time.  We decided Ron Hoover would be a good dealer for us since we have a home in Rock Port and we wanted to make sure we could get dependable help when needed.  Josh did a great job getting us into a boat both my wife and I could enjoy together. She for comfort myself for fishing and the boating experience.
After having my boat for a couple of months, I stopped by the Rock Port facility to talk with Capt Harmon about some guide information and general questions on my boat. Capt Harmon informed me that he would be happy to take me out in the area to not only answer any questions I might have concerning the boat but to show me some areas I might enjoy fishing in. I must say Capt Harmon made my decision to buy a boat from Ron Hoover a confident one. Not only did Capt Harmon answer my questions but he helped me learn some valuable lessons concerning boating in the gulf and successful fishing.
The point of all this is that during my excursion with Capt Harmon, he kept reiterating that the trip on the water was due to the commitment that Mr. Ron Hoover has to his customers and their experience with his company and staff.  All I can say is I had an outstanding "Customer Experience" thanks to Capt Harmon and his team.
All the best,
Marco Macaluso
Sugar Land, TX 

Tell Us About Yourself: First of all, I'm not seeking employment (unless you need a great writer). But since I couldn't find a way to email Ron Hoover himself (does he really exist?), this was the best I could do .
We just bought a 2013 Winnebago View 24J from the RH Donna dealership. Over the years, we've had 3 trailers and this View makes our 3rd motor home. We just moved from Oklahoma (near Tulsa) to Brownsville, downsizing from a small ranch to a garden home in River Bend Resort. We were also interested in downsizing from our Jayco Seneca 36MS since we wouldn't need such a large coach for wintering any longer, but wanted to have something that would fit our new RV lifestyle.
The dealers in Oklahoma where we bought our previous RVs over the years were great. Most were very customer oriented and did a good job of meeting our needs and answering our questions...that is until we met the RH Donna crew. Wow! If you don't know what a terrific team of pros and customer oriented people you have, you're out to lunch bigtime! These people are GREAT! Starting with Anthony Thompson our sales rep, the process (I hate buying any vehicles and putting up with the hassle of negotiating a deal) a pleasant experience. Then Dustin Hoover and Vince Crough got involved and again, a good experience. When the deal was finalized, Sonia Leal took care of all the paperwork etc that requires professionalism and expeditious work. And if all this isn't well done, we learn that we can overnight at the RH park to actually have a hands on experience with our new coach to see if everything works well and if we have questions (as a reporter, I always have questions). Service manager Nick (sorry, missed last name) was courteous, professional, knew his business and patient with us (Lord, was he patient!).  Vince is a top flight manger who keeps all the wheels turning and made sure we were satisfied, being cared for and generally served as a point man for everything to make our experience a pleasant one. (He sort of reminds me of the top sergeant I had in the USAF...tough, but fair and a real pro).
All in all, our Ron Hoover (Donna) experience was one of the very best we've ever had. I hope this messages comes through clear enough that RH himself will get it and pass out well earned accolades to a terrific crew in Donna.
I've left out several folks in the parts dept whose names unfortunately I've forgotten, but they too deserve praise. If all businesses operated the way the RH Donna folks do, there would be fewer complaints and far more compliments...and maybe even more business.
Thank you RH Donna for making our RV buying experience a good one and thank you for dealing with all our questions and concerns in a professional and friendly way. Would I recommend RH? You bet!
Norm Rourke
P.S. We're still talking about the RH RV "park" idea! What a terrific idea. Why don't other dealers (even some of the best in OK) do this?

Dear Mr. Hoover,
A salesman that treats a customer like a real person and not just another paycheck is how we would describe Chip Harmon.
We met him over two years ago on the phone.  We were hunting for a used boat.   We saw one on the Ron Hoover website.  Chip answered the phone.  We told him that we had never purchased a boat and wanted to get the family more time together. We also felt a boat would complement our RV. He gave us plenty of pointers to look for and explained that if we came and rode on the Nautic Star we would stop looking.  We were not ready for a new boat and really had a good deal we were considering. We purchased the other boat and told Chip if we ever got ready to buy we would come see him.  This past Spring Break our bargain boat gave us some trouble. 
We went boat shopping and happen to catch Chip at work. This was the first time we had ever seen him. My husband and I were really taken away by his down home look.  He spoke to us as normal people and treated us as if we had been friends forever.  No salesmen talk!!!  We explained we had to sell the other boat, before we could commit. He understood.  We explained we would call when this happened.  He did not bother us. When we sold ours we contacted him and he was ready.
Chip worked with us all the way.  We did find a better deal and the boat was ready now, but because of the final deal by him and his manager, Blake Anthony, we chose to stay with Ron Hoover.  Will Walters, from Nautic Star, sealed the deal with the promise of quicker delivery! Between Chip, Blake, and Will our buying experience from Ron Hoover has been awesome.  We did sell our RV and hope to try that department in the future. We will recommend Ron Hoover to friends and insist that Chip is the man to talk to.

James and Rhonda Kosub 

Dear Mr. Catalano,
My wife and I purchasedCarolina Skiff from Ron Hoover during the 2013 Houston Boat Show.  We had been looking for the right boat for several months and your sales associate, Brad McCormick, helped make this happen. Our sale was a little unusual in the fact that we wrote the offer contingent on the boat fitting in our garage (straight). From what we understand you sold a large number of boats during the boat show.  I wouldn't have been surprised if I had received a call saying thank you very much for your interest in a boat but we will be unable to meet your demands. Just the opposite took place. Brad stayed in contact with us throughout the process and demonstrated what I would call above and beyond service. 
Our first problem was that the boat motor and trailer measured over 22' and the garage is only 20' deep. Ron Hoover was able to use their influence and the trailer manufacturer ended up building a custom trailer with a break-away tongue. Now we realized that the center console was a little too tall for our garage opening. I explained this to Brad and again he came through. They had the grab rail modified so it could easily be removed for storage. I have already sent another RV customer Brad's way and I hope to send many more referrals in the future. I've sold real estate in this area for the last 27 years and plan to recommend Brad and Ron Hoover to future families moving this way. Please feel free to pass this letter along to future customers who might want to store their boat at home.
David and Anne LeBoy

Antoinette from Illinois says,
I just wanted to express what a pleasant and professional experience I had last week when having work done on my motorhome. The thing that really impressed me was that the employees seemed to work well as a team and appeared to enjoy working together. Thank you!

John & Crystal Villarreal say,
Dear Jason,
Crystal and I would like to thank Jeff, Jason and all the Ron Hoover people for a wonderful boat buying experience. Happy holidays to all of you. See you at  the 20 hour service.

Pedro & Connie say,
Dear Stan,
We came by (the Donna store) to pick up our plates. We wanted to thank you for everything. We are enjoying our travel trailer and wanted to thank you for the excellent way you treated us!

Marty & Kim say,

To Whom It May Concern: This letter is in response to our motor home repairs we had done in Houston during the months of March and April. We had several items that needed attention on our 2005 Country Coach so we set up an appointment with Camping World of Katy, TX. We took it in as requested so they could diagnose the problems. By the end of the day they had a list of items that needed attention. They let us take our RV to where we were set up while they found the parts. They informed us that since Country Coach is out of business that this would take some extra research. The lady that waited on us was new; the person training her was always busy and did not have time to talk with us or even look at us when we were at the counter. My husband said he felt like an object instead of a human being. We waited several days and called to find the status of our parts. They had no answers, still searching. We called a couple of more times with the same response. Our friends took their 5th wheel in the week before and they had to call and order their own parts. After two weeks time Camping World finally called and said they needed us to bring our RV in again so they could take pictures of the parts. This was not an easy task, the largest of our 3 slides was broken and it was difficult to open and close with it being broken. Instead we took our RV into Ron Hoover. The 1st day they had it diagnosed. They said we could stay on their lot for free with full hook-up. The next day they had everything repaired except for 1 item that they had to order a motor for and another item that they had to take to a different repair shop to get it repaired. We also had a radiator leak, Ron Hoover suggested that we take the RV to Cummins; Southern Plains in Houston, TX, since they did not do engine repairs. We took our RV to Southern Plains. The 1st day they had it diagnosed. Since they no longer made this radiator and it was going to have to be special made for our RV we asked if they could send it to a repair shop and see what it would cost to repair it. They removed the radiator the next day and found that it could not be repaired so they ordered the part that day. They let us stay on their lot free of charge with hook-up except for weekends until the part came in. The day the part came in, it was repaired and we were on our way. We took our RV back to Ron Hoover the motor that was ordered for our awning was the wrong motor so they reordered the part. They took our RV to the repair shop to get the automatic door opener repaired that day. The repair shop ran into some problems so they needed our RV back the next day. Again, Ron Hoover allowed us to stay on their lot with full hook-up. The next day the automatic door opener was repaired. When Ron Hoover was driving our RV they found a problem with the leveling valves. They sent us back to Southern Plains for the repair. We took our RV into Southern Plains that day they diagnosed the problem, worked it out with Ron Hoover to have it go through their shop so it could be covered under our warranty and we would not have to pay a second deductible. The next day the repair was complete and Ron Hoover delivered to Southern Plain a check for the repair. The next Monday we took our RV back to Ron Hoover to get the motor put on our awning; it was done within a few hours. My husband just had surgery on his mouth a couple of hours prior to us picking up the RV and I was concerned with him driving the RV back to our site. Tony, the service supervisor had an employee drive the RV to our site for us. The service we received from Ron Hoover and Southern Plains was excellent. They treated us like family, making sure that we were comfortable and we had everything we needed to set up our RV at night in their lots. All the repairs were completed the day they had their parts to work with. They found parts they needed as soon as the problem was diagnosed. Southern Plains worked extra hard to save us about $2,500.00 on our radiator. Service from both of these businesses was exceptional. Big thanks to Tony Clark and Derrick and all their staff at Ron Hoover. Big thanks to Don Berry and all his staff at Southern Plains. We appreciate you all taking such good care of us!!

Ray & Sue Morse say,
We would like to thank you for intervening with our problems on our 2012 Sidney Outback. We were very happy with the service at Ron Hoover RV & Marine. We arrived at 8:00 AM and were promptly taken care of by Kristine Yeatts. She had recieved a note from Rueben on our problems with the 5th wheel. She saw to it that our unit was a priority repair and checked on us throughout the day. Our service tech was Eric Urbina and we found his work to be thorough and efficient. We also noted that when Eric completed the work on our unit he described the repairs in detail and gave us tips for longevity of use for our unit. All in all our trip to Ron Hoover was a pleasurable experience. The staff at Ron Hoover even made sure that our dogs had treat. We would like to thank you and the entire team at Ron Hoover for your assistance. When it comes time to look at a replacement 5th wheel Ron Hoover (where service is just as important as the sale) will rank at the top of our list. Thanks once again!

Steve & Penny say,
Ron Hoover RV & Marine-Boerne, Got to the park and home without any problems. Well, almost no problems; backing into the drive way was a problem. Probably the one single event that will cause a major fight. I think all RV dealers should hold a directing and hand signal class for all those spouses that help in backing up an RV!! Some of the topics should be: Where to stand so the driver can see you-just because you can see the driver in the mirror doesn't mean the driver can see you You have to speak very loud or shout to be heard from over 40' away and over a diesel engine. A tomahawk hand gesture doesn't mean anything. Thank God we live in a very rural area, no one will find the body unless the buzzards give it away!!!!! Just kidding. We had a great time and didn't have any problems. Penny actually drove from the south side of San Antonio to the rest area just north of Three Rivers. She was bound and determined not to be like the other wives of our friends who have never pulled their 5th wheels. Just wanted to Thank You again.

James Bacon says,
On Tuesday August 9, 2011 I took my 5th wheel trailer into Ron Hoover RV in Houston for a broken AC unit. I was told the price of a new Dometic AC unit installed, not some Chinese off brand.  My RV would be ready Thursday 8-11-11 as the unit had to be ordered. What... Dometic brand shipped and installed in 2 way!! But to my surprise Thursday around noon they called and said it was ready but asked if they could run it overnight to check and make sure everything was working well, to which I agreed. When I picked up my RV the next day the AC was still running in the Texas 100+ degree weather. The temp in RV can can only be described as "frosty". I inspected the work inside and the unit on top of my RV. The installation was totally professional and done right. The level of service, and courtesy I received from Ron Hoover RV Houston was way beyond any service experience I have ever had from other service dealers in the 12 years of RV ownership.  Reasonable pricing, professional installation, delivered on time. Good job Ron Hoover! I highly recommend you give them a try.

Charles Alligood says,
Hi Jim,
In reference to your call regarding the service department of Ron Hoover RV and Marine in Donna, I have no hesitancy in saying that each member of the Donna service staff with whom we have had contact has been kind and respectfully considerate of our concerns relating to the new Heartland fifth-wheel we purchased a few months past. There have been serious issues with the Dometic refrigerator in our unit. That has been very disappointing. Of the six RVs that we have owned, this is the only one that has had a refrigerator problem. Nevertheless, this is also the first RV we have purchased from Ron Hoover and I can truthfully say that the gracious attitude and personal attention the service manager, Vince, has given to our problem has tempered our disappointment. We understand that Ron Hoover does not build the RVs and sometimes problems do arise. We certainly are encouraged that, so far, the service department of Ron Hoover RV and Marine in Donna has stood behind what the sales department sold to us. Thanks Ron Hoover RV for not forgetting us once we purchased our RV from you. That kind of service assures us that we made the right decision when we went to Ron Hoover RV in Donna to purchase our new Heartland Big Horn.

Over the last two years I have had the pleasure of working with William, Lori, Rita and now Jason. Another fellow out in the marine area, Mark ? maybe? Every time I go to Ron Hoover I am treated great. Just like I expect to be. I've had service provided on my unit and completed when I was told it would be. I have sent warranty items back and returned brand new as expected by dates promised. They are always friendly, helpful and most of all have a great attitude and act like they want to help and not just doing their jobs. Like they really like what they do! That is refreshing to see and experience from the customer end obviously. This last Friday I left my rv keys at home, 150 miles away. My unit is only a few blocks away and Jason came over in his own vehicle to see if he could get me in with his keys. He got the door latch open but not the deadbolt. I had to call a locksmith. But Jason tried instead of saying no I can't. Trying made a big difference though. A lot of people have a brand new unit bought May 24th. The first time I went to use the Micro wave it failed. Two weeks later Lori had me a new one. I had a leaking air mattress. Took it to Rita. Two weeks I had a new one. William has ordered me parts and they came in correct the first time. The marine guy, what few enter actions we've had have been positive too with my Suzuki. I have never dealt with an RV outfit that has this level of quality staff consistently. I applaud what your doing there in the service department. I just won't try or do the little extra. I have not worked with the sales dept. Hopefully they are as well rounded and enthusiastic about what they do also. I keep waiting to be let down like every other RV dealer has done me but not to your staffs credit. This has not has happened. I know it is impossible to please everyone every time because I too am in customer service. Your staff have been outstanding for me. Thanks again.

Mr. and Mrs. Rosales say,
Mr. Brown,
Earlier today we spoke regarding the service that was provided by your service staff at Ron Hoover in Donna, Texas.   My husband and I appreciate that Ron Hoover takes the time to follow up with their customers. As I mentioned to you, their service is exceptional. I also mentioned to you that many times employees are only addressed when someone complains or has a concern.  I am a firm believer that if someone does good that they should be acknowledged for their hard work. Mr. Vince Crough and his staff provided excellent service.  Mr. Vince, Xavier ,Chris and Terri assisted us with all our questions.  Their customer service is great and it is obvious that they take extreme pride in their work.  Our respects to Mr. Crough for having a great team. It is a pleasure doing business with Ron Hoover, Service Department in Donna Texas. Have a great Day.

Mr. and Mrs. Troutman say,
Good Morning George,
It was a real pleasure to send you this update. Our lovely Country Ridge Park Trailer is fully operational now. The appliance company tested and determined that the freon in our new refrigerator had completely leaked through the loose crimp at the end of the tubing. We were so pleased it was a quick fix. When we checked the coldness of the refrigerator/freezer last week the appliance continued to work fine. We're hoping for many years of successful operation. We would like to THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the fine coordination in handling all of the details for us across the miles. Moreover, we are extremely thankful for your excellent, highly professional salesmanship in our purchase of this wonderful RV. From the very beginning, you genuinely cared for our being 100% satisfied with every aspect of the Heartland Park Trailer. We are more than 100% satisfied--we truly will enjoy our lovely purchase. And, we appreciate all that you personally did to obtain this particular model for us. Your dealership in Donna Texas is the best of the best! Again, many kind thanks for everything!

Raymond and Donna Polensky say,
Dear Ron Hoover RV & Marine,
We just bought our 3rd 5th wheel trailer from Donna RV in the last 5 years.  I guess we can not make a decision on what we want.  We were treated excellent all three times we bought. Vince was very good, if he said something it was done and on time.  The service dept. was very good because of Vince and some of the workers.  Javier and Enrigue were very good.  the sales dept. was also very good our salesman was Anthony.  Also Mark also helped us out very much.  Keep up the good work.

Kathy Carver Belman - I love the Texan Skyline I bought from you a few years ago. It has been a great trailer and your service department was the best I have ever delt with. The resolved the few issues I had very quickly and there have been no further issues since then. I will definitely come to see you for my next trailer, but since this one suits me so well I'm not sure when that will be.

Jim Muller From Houston - Just wanted to say I purchased a 24' Texan travel trailer from Joe and company and I had the best experience. They are true professionals and the quality, friendliness and helpful attitude of the entire team was amazing. I use the trailer 5 days a week for the last 6 weeks and have never been happier. I give Ron Hoover, Joe French and the entire sales & service team at the Katy Freeway location my highest recommendation.


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