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The prices listed below are the Manufacturers’ Suggested Retail Price.  In most instances there are discounts, rebates, and other offers available.  Please contact one of our re-power specialists to find out what Ron Hoover Marine can do for you. Also, did you know that Ron Hoover Marine has performed literally thousands of re-powers and fresh installs.  From the smallest skiff to triple engine configurations, electronics installs, jackplates, and power poles, we have the expertise to do it right the first time.  We can do it in a timely manner and at the best price for you. 







   DF2.5S  $1,005    DF150TXW*  $15,775
   DF4S  $1,525    DF150TXZ*  $16,180
   DF6S  $1,995    DF150TXZW*  $16,370
   DF6L  $2,015    DF150TGL*  $16,880
   DF9.9AS  $3,055    DF150TGLW*  $17,070
   DF9.9AL   $3,105    DF150TGX*  $16,965
   DF9.9AES  $3,375    DF150TGXW*  $17,150
   DF9.9AEL  $3,425    DF150TGXZ*  $17,580
   DF9.9THL  $3,955    DF150TGXZW*  $17,770
   DF9.9THX  $4,000    DF175TL*  $16,990
   DF9.9BRL*  $3,440    DF175TLW*  $17,175

 DF15AS*  $3,330    DF175TX*  $17,070

 DF15AES*  $3,690
 DF175TXW*  $17,255

 DF15AEL*  $3,730    DF175TXZ*  $17,440

 DF15ATHL*  $3,875    DF175TXZW*  $17,625
   DF20AS*  $3,740    DF175GL*  $17,900
   DF20AES*  $4,175    DF175TGLW*  $18,090
   DF20AE*  $4,220    DF175TGX*  $17,980
   DF20ARS*  $4,580    DF175TGXW*  $18,170
   DF20ARL*  $4,605    DF175TGXZ*  $18,350
   DF20ATHL*  $4,500    DF175TGXZW*  $18,540
   DF20ATL*  $4,995
   DF200TL*  $19,775
   DF25ES*  $4,895    DF200TX*  $20,300
   DF25EL*  $4,915
 DF200TXW*  $20,490
   DF25RL*  $5,060
 DF200TXZ*  $20,950
   DF40ATL*     $7,715
 DF200TXZW*  $21,140              
     DF50ATL*  $7,950    DF225TX*  $21,845
     DF50AVTL*  $8,325    DF225TXW*  $22,030
     DF60ATL*  $8,700    DF225TXZ*  $22,500
     DF60AVTL*  $8,875    DF225TXZW*  $22,690
     DF70ATL*  $9,175    DF250SSTL*  $23,125
     DF90ATL*  $10,815     DF250TX*  $22,875
     DF90ATX*  $10,915    DF250TXZ*  $23,625
     DF115ATL*  $11,990    DF250TXX*  $23,250
     DF115ATX*  $12,070    DF250TXXZ*  $24,000
     DF115ATXZ*  $12,415    DF250APX*  $24,750
     DF140ATL*  $13,580    DF250APXW*  $24,940
     DF140ATX*  $13,670     DF250APXX*  $25,155
     DF140ATXZ*  $14,080    DF250APXXW*  $25,345
     DF150TL*  $15,515    DF300APX*  $24,875
     DF150TLW*  $15,700    DF300APXW*  $25,065
     DF150TX*  $15,590    DF300APXX*  $25,280
           DF300APXXW*  $25,470

All DF250/300AP units require Suzuki Precision Control (electronic throttle and shift) and Suzuki Digital Gauges.

Letters designate specific features.
Please reference the key below.
DF = 4 Stroke model
* = EFI model
E = electric start, tiller handle
250SS = sport
H = electric start, tiller handle, power tilt
S = 15” shaft length
R = electric start, remote control
L = 20” shaft length
T = power trim & tilt ( 9.9t=power tilt only)
X = 25” shaft length
A = 2nd generation 4 stroke model
B = 3rd generation 4 stroke model
XX = 30” shaft length
V = High Energy Rotation
P = Suzuki selective rotation & PTT
W = White
Z = counter rotation

Standard Equipment:
A standard size aluminum propeller is included with the DF2.5S through DF25RL models.
► A remote control box is included with the DF9.9BRL, DF20ARS, ARL, ATL, DF25RL.
A fuel tank and fuel hose are included with the DF9.9AS through DF25RL

Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

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